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Maths Olympiad with the name of Dr. Radhakrishnan International Mathematics Olympiad is going to organize on 5th September 2021. This Olympiad is organized by TUIN CLASSES this year. Tuin classes is a well-known institution that is delivering online and home tuitions to students.  This maths competition will be taken online this year. This competition will help students to look into the mathematics problem in a whole new way.

Rules and Regulations

  1. The competition will be held online only.
  2. There are 50 questions in total. All are MCQ.
  3. Each correct answers give you 4 marks and incorrect answers give (-1) marks
  4. The question may have more than one answer.
  5. Time Duration will be 50 minutes.
  6. One user can give a test only one time.
  7. Only registered users will get the link to the competition in their Registered E-mail.
  8. The Competition will be on 5th September 2021.
  9. Students from all around the world can participate in this competition.
  10. Students must have School Identity Card in order to claim the award.
  11. School ID card must be of the same class as the student who has applied for the competition.
  12. Results will be announced on 12th September 2021.
  13. Topper Students may be asked to solve some problems live in order to claim the award.
  14.  Registration Fee is non-refundable.


Awards and Perks 

  1. Free online tuition classes* will be provided to Rank 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.
  2. Every participant can take free tuition classes on any one maths topic.
  3. The top ten participants can appear in the next olympiad for Free.
  4. A participation certificate will be issued to every participant.
  5. Topper’s scores will be sent to their respective schools.
  6. Topper’s names will be displayed on our website.

Rank 1st, 2nd, and 3rd names will be displayed on the website result page.

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In this competition of maths olympiad, we are looking for the overall achiever of the class. Our team believes that students should be able to deliver their best in all areas of knowledge. In response to this, we have come up with a series of three Olympiads. Each Olympiad is independent in their own competition but if the same candidate wants to test his/her skills in a different area, then we will help them out. Rewards will be independent for all three Olympiads. Other olympiads are Science and English. The dates for the other two will be published and notified to the participant through email.

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Students gain numerous benefits from extracurricular math activities; not only does a math quiz boost their interest and knowledge, but it can also be a lot of fun for teachers.

Why should you participate in a math competition?

  • Prizes boost the self-esteem of pupils, and school competitions frequently give out small prizes or certificates to a large number of students.
  • Many a time, students can surprise themselves and perform better than they might expect in most math competitions because they require a particular type of mathematical reasoning.
  • Math quizzes, often challenge students’ problem-solving abilities and creative thinking. The program is extremely beneficial for students in their regular math classes as well as when they face problems in their daily lives.
  • They are beneficial to individuals of all levels and ages. In addition, they are perfect for stretching your kids who are at the top of their game. Students who are very good at math can access additional support from outside their schools.
  • In the future, some pupils will need to take certain college entrance examinations. Competitions or quizzes in math can help children build confidence in tackling new math problems early on.
  • Many of the math competitions are documented on students’ CVs, which is important for those applying to study science or math in university. It may be enjoyable to take part in them! It is important to keep in mind that formal preparation can sometimes detract from the fun of arithmetic.
  • The following reasons may not have prompted you to consider math competitions for your child:

It is an excellent preparation for standardized tests students will encounter in college or university to take timed examinations in elementary and middle school. As well as providing an added challenge for stronger pupils, Maths Olympiads provide them with a sense of their competitiveness. Students can use contest results on their college applications and resumes.

  1. Scores from math competitions are used on college applications.

An application for a college often includes an extracurricular activity. During the essay part of your application, you can apply your experience from math competitions. In the essay questions, you could be asked to recount a story about yourself that is fundamental to who you are, describe a place or atmosphere where you feel entirely at ease, or describe an accomplishment that has shaped your journey from childhood to adulthood. Using the essay topics, you can show admissions officers your math abilities.

  1. An example of how to highlight math competition achievements on a resume.

In college applications, you may need a CV that includes information about your competitions, but winning a math competition may have long-term effects. Critical thinking and analytical skills are now considered more important by employers than ever before. Young professionals who can make rational business decisions are in high demand by companies. Anyone who has worked with a team knows how valuable it is to be able to collaborate with others to achieve a common goal.

  1. Skills can be developed through math contests

In addition to enhancing students’ productivity, math competitions provide excellent opportunities for them to hone the skills that will help them manage their time and stress more effectively.

  • Join Tuin’s Online Maths olympiad now!

With Tuin, you can find out what your math skills are through online quizzes. Tuin is organizing a math competition for students in standards 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11. It will take place on the 5th of September 2021. Only Rs. 99/- is required for entry. You can use this skill in difficult circumstances for your career. Getting started need not take days; you can begin right now. Furthermore, we provide you with an overview of career development/job paths you should follow.

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*10 classes for rank 1, 5 classes for rank 2 and 3.